Embrace your work space// Love Where You Create (How to love where you create)

Most of us love when you can walk into a room and not only see but really feel where you are and why you are there. Not completely sure what I am saying? Well think back to the last time you walked into a bar,was it bright with ocean blues and sandy yellows? Or was it a dark space lit with candles dripping wax down the sides of bottles?

Whatever it was, there probably was a certain vibe that made you feel a certain way about the place you were in. I know none of this is rocket science and your probably thinking ‘duh a doctors surgeon isn’t going to have the same vibe as my grandma’s music room’. But what I am trying to get at is that you need to create a workspace in fact any space where you can be inspired and productive. You need to be able exercise your creativity in the best way possible (just like you would consume more alcohol in a vibey, dark bar?)

I have recently graduated from Uni and have gotten rid of my desk where I spent my life memorising HSC syllabuses. So just before I wrote this, I found myself writing on my kitchen bench or in my bed… alas the work was done but it sure was not the best quality, and took double the time!

Now by all means, I am not an educated or trained designer, but I do know that from the age of 8, my room has been painted and moved around more times than I can count on two hands! (Sorry dad). Every person is different and you will need to play around with trial and error to see what works best for you. To get you going, I have put together some ideas that really helped me! So here’s some TIPS TO LOVING YOUR SPACE!


This one is entirely personal and you should go with what it is that you think you can build upon. The standard colour (and my personal favourite) is white. White gives me a sense of cleanliness and gives me a basic colour to build upon so I can add anything I like! On the contrary my boyfriend prefers a more classic and traditional dark oak, wooden look desk. He says this put him into a sense of ‘professionalism work mode’, ‘no time for messing around’ headspace (and trust me, he gets s**t done!)

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Decide whether images, notes or inspo quotes stimulate you, or bin them! The bottom line is you need to keep your space clean and organised (easier said than done). So decide whether you feel you work better with tidied mess; books,notes or inspiring photos etc., or whether you simply want minimal things on your desk for productive fresh thinking. You may look at a family photo and ideas will come flying in the window or you might sit and sob about past memories! I don’t know! but whatever you choose, know which way your mind works and utilise it!


We can never underestimate the power of natural, nutritious sunlight pouring into our window and smothering our desk while we gather these mighty big things we have to say. So definately lap that shit up! Not to mention natural light reminds us that if the sun is going down and your stomach is grumbling, you might need to give yourself a break! Alternatively if you are stuck in a dark dungeon i would suggest you invest in a cool lamp, or something funky, maybe even fairy lights! Just give it a feel that you love! Don’t sit in the dark staring at glarey screen for gods sake!


Now my TOP TIP is to have vines floating down from the ceiling and leaves all over your desk and just blow them off when you need to.. Nah jks, but seriously, get a plant. Just one will do. Why wouldn’t you want to bring the outside, inside? Not only do plants detoxify the air but they are also just awesome to look at, so instead of looking up to the ceiling with writers block you can stare at the prickles from a cactus! Look after and care for your pet plant  as needed and I guarantee they will facilitate & look after you!



Get your style right; are you going to have a straight desk or a big wrap around desk? Are you going to have chair that will let you spin round in circles, or one planted straight on the floor? These are some elements of shape and functionality that you should consider before you complete your space. Also decide what ambiance you will have. I enjoy music in the background to keep my thought process moving along, but I know my best friend relishes in the sound of silence.  If you do like music I suggest you have it from external speakers, not just blaring from your laptop!

Whatever it is, just rock your space! Just like clothing yourself, mix it up or change it every few months (if you can), but decide what works best for you! The next challenge for me is to apply all this in a shared house full of 6 girls! Wish me luck! 

georgia farrell