Just Add Water

For as long as I can remember salt-crusted eyebrows and tap nose (running watery nose) have been a norm throughout my life. Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the ocean has cuddled my body as much as my teddy bear on a cold night.

From the age of two I was thrown into pools (thanks mum) and carried under both gentle and angry waves sheltered by my parent's arms. I was the answer to everyone at school repeatedly asking 'what smells like chlorine??' My blonde locks were tainted green from the munching chlorine.  So yes.. I am and have always been very much a water baby.

My dad is a quiet and gentle soul who found love in dancing on the water. Along with making terrible dad jokes in his life; He loves to surf. He learnt about the big blue in it's entirety and studied it's movements due to being intricately intwined with the other forces of mother nature.  Much of my memory consists of hearing.. " shut the windows please!.. its a southerly buster".

Nevertheless, from the age of 8, I learnt to dance with him (although not that graceful) I began to understand the ocean and how it can be both calming and f***cking scary all in the same time. 

just add water.jpg

In year 9 at school, a friend’s mum once said to me, “ the ocean and the waves are your emotions”

You can’t stop the waves

You can only learn to surf them.

When the sun rises and we pick the yellow gunk out of our eyes we can never be sure how the ocean may be. 

If there will be a sandbank for us to stand on, a rip to help take us out, or waves that hold us down testing our lungs. But someway, somehow we learn to ride them. We begin to dance with them.

I also am a strong believer in salt therapy. Throwing yourself in the ocean after a stressful day or to getting in there to start your morning can remarkably change how you feel.  It has the ability to carry you and tumble you over 50 times till your problems seem like you had dreamt them up in the first place. 

To be frank, I have learnt a lot from the big blue sea.

It’s rhythms.

It’s tides

It’s voice.

My mum has always described me as the girl who is happiest when you “just add water”. And right now I think she is right on the money. 


georgia farrell