Hate winter?...You thought wrong


We all love it. The warm ocean, sun kissed skin and the instagrammable sunsets that turn into drinks with your mates on a headland. Don’t get me wrong, I am a regular participant in all these activities and my personal favourite is the no shoe thing. Meaning...I actually rarely wear anything on my feet throughout the entire summer.

However there comes a time in the year when the usual Acai bowl doesn’t quite cut it for your ritual breakfast and you begin to delve into the back of the wardrobe where your long sleeves are hiding. This is when summer begins to shakes hands with autumn.

As the mornings get crisper, we attempt to rock our one teaspoon shorts for as long as we can until old man winter really shows up and everyone seems to throw their hands up in the air, if not an Instagram asking why mother nature went right ahead and put summer in the naughty corner. 

Well friends, welcome to winter.

 Now I ask you to really step out from thinking winter is just a time where you are cooped up inside eating soup whilst everyone else seems to be running around festivals in the uni holiday European sun. Winter is more than socks and Birkenstocks and its more than movie marathons (although they are good).

At this point I do have to mention that winter to me has always meant time with snow. In fact, right now it is snowing outside and in am in awe of its beauty. I now live in Jindabyne permanently for the winter season and apart from having to wear shoes all the time.. it really is magnificent. For those of you not quite catching on... here is something to think about. 

Winter brings something magical into the air. It brings mystery and danger, coupled with solitude and fragility. The cold clears the mind and cuts into your lungs reminding you that you are alive.

In my previous post I mentioned I was a water baby and I don’t know if this counts but I also find great pleasure in sliding around on planks of wood on top of frozen water. Not only is the ocean smooth with clean offshore winds during winter but you can also ski and snowboard!

If you haven’t gone to the snow… just go! You really cannot describe the feeling the first time you see snow. Its nothing like you have experienced before and what a better way to start to enjoy the simple pleasures of winter away from a warm hot chocolate (baileys optional). 

Snowflakes are incredibly intricate & beautiful. Made up of thousands of good old H20 particles,they shimmer like crystals. The beauty of snowflakes lies in its element of uncertainty. Living in cold winters teaches you life lessons. It teaches you to pay attention to your next step on the snow so you don’t slip. It teaches you to turn your car on a little earlier in the mornings or place your windscreen wipers up so they don’t freeze over night. Or at least it will teach you that your coconut oil or Nutella will harden overnight.

For me, winter is something I will always love. I love the sound of the heater click on in the morning, the smell of a warm coffee, the layers I wrap myself in and the endless cuddles from my roommates and boyfriend. I will always have love affair with ugg boots and not having to worry about continually bronzing my skin...and lastly, I will always love the mountains.

Winter is about reminding us that we are living.

We see our breath in the air,

we feel the cold breeze on our face,

and explore the bone structure of the landscape. 

Now, you may not be surrounded by mountains blanketed in snow, but I suggest you attempt to look at winter from a polar bears perspective. Enjoy the element of privacy winter grants us and begin to appreciate the season starting from a hot shower in the morning right through to your comfy flannelette pyjamas! 

georgia farrell