What you need for your next party..

I have something to confess…. I am a serial food picker. Meaning I will graze on food pretty much for hours on end. When I cook I often find myself too full to eat the complete meal I have made  because I have picked at it the whole time. Yes.. i was the person who also devoured the cake batter bowl when I was a kid, for some reason it never made the amount of serves the packet suggested? 

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So I guess in my mind, there is one thing that could pretty much solve my reoccurring disorder…yep.. a food platter! But srs.. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD FOOD PLATTER??

Let’s be up-front with ourselves, if your not stuffing Doritos or carrot sticks dipped in hummus down your throat mid convo at a gathering, there’s something not quite right with you. When you arrive at a gathering armed with drinks and you spot a food spread.. you just know it's going to be a good day!

Personally due to my indecisive nature, I just like to pick and choose between the sweet, savory, healthy, naughty whatever. Now luckily enough,  it seems that a gorgeous friend has launched her own business to help people like me. 

At just 21 years of age entrepreneur; Madi Eoff has found just one of her callings. She pares food with art whilst displaying a touch of fun and elegance. It’s a simple business idea that has launched itself into the world and straight into our stomachs; Goodness Grazing Me.

Madi loves food; you only have to watch her Instagram story to know if it isn’t about her gorgeous kelpie dogs it's well.. food. Despite Mads loving to stuff her face,  her simple love for brilliant food hasn’t always been the catalyst for the launch of the business. In July this year (2017) Madi had vast travel plans only to be put on hold due to a knee injury requiring surgery. Long story short, she cancelled the trip and started the business.

So what is the business? Well it’s pretty clear from the photos… a beautifully staged and locally sourced food platter that will have your mouth watering.

Ingredients including nuts, fruit, chocolate, bread, cheese, meats are presented on wooden boards surrounded by decadent floral colorus.  Did someone say Instagram?

food platter

So why cant you do this all yourself? Well I mean essentially you can. But why spend 3-4 hours sourcing the food and setting it up, while you could be decorating the house or sorting the alcohol? 

Thankfully Goodness Grazing Me is there to take the unnecessary stress away for you whilst you continually try to do GHD curls in your hair. Madi will create a centrepiece of art that will ultimately generate a point of difference to any function or gathering. These platters are simply just nek level!

All platters vary in size and price, and not to worry there is GF, DAIRY FREE & VEGAN options everyone can enjoy and indulge in.

Above all, this is not a paid post, this is just a good person finding her way in the world with an even better company I thought I had to share!

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