Who is Robbie Duncan?

(All images provided by Robbie, written by Georgia Farrell)


Robbie Duncan, AKA- NO BAD DAYS is a well-known yet eminent name that wanders NSW’s Snowy Mountains region… and a dear friend of mine.

If you haven’t caught him holding a flash in your face through your blurred vision at the Banjo Patterson, then you might have seen a glimpse of his adventures he so kindly shares with us on his social media; NoBadDays.

But Robbie isn’t just another photographer...

He’s a longhaired, quiet spoken yet hilariously witty man decorated in vibrant tattoos who photographs more than just blue oceans, fancy cars and bikini girls at yacht week. Instead he takes pics of evocative, untouched and often-unruly sceneries that somehow make you seamlessly forget that he would’ve had to have actually been there!

In fact he is almost quite literally one with the landscape….

When you step foot into his home, you almost question if your are indeed in a jungle? The clean air with living beautiful greenery including ferns, cactus, chain of hearts...you name it are all shooting up from the ground & pouring from the roof. Even his bedroom floor is green grass! Epic.. I know!

But this hasn’t always come at an easy price….

In 2012 Robbie became sick and since then has been in and out of hospitals suffering constant attacks of chronic pancreatitis. So yes, like every human, Robbie does have ‘bad days’, but his mindset has really taken control of his situation.

Unlike other humans, when I asked Robbie about continually being cooped up hospital….he just didn’t really have much to say about it. He didn’t want nor needed a sob story. What he did say however is these few words…

 “ I realise now I’m not invinsible…no one is”

These words really stuck with me. I instantly became gratified of my own health, something I often take for granted. However Robbie chooses to somewhat thank his sickness as being a blessing in disguise. He tells me the blessing masked in a hospital gown, has made him "more driven to make the absolute most of every day". 

When you look at his images you begin to understand how this transcends into his art. We start to notice how he continually pushes himself to capture unique landscapes and portraits with his own style of enchanted mystery within each photo. 

“I wouldn’t have travelled the world and taken the photos I have taken if I was still living the way I was….”

When I myself look at his images now, this just all seems to make sense, I see it, I feel it, I get it.

Robbie is just simply a rad human. Apart from his house being the dream home, he hoards loads of cool vintage cameras (that I want to steal) and enjoys trying to solve how each of them can work and be repurposed. He also plants everything in anything! No seriously, old cans, weird sculptures….even a ski boot!

The boy who has won an award for the best potato at the Dalgety Show and who has never had a cigarette; has inspired me beyond words without him even knowing!

He reminds me to live the life I really want and to just get out there and explore! 

“Don’t stop, cos we will be dead soon”

Thanks for being an all time legend.  

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If you like Robbie's stuff check his website out here  :)

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