Just another Wednesday getaway!

After dealing with some brokenness in my life over the past few months, I have also had the luxury of having time off to re-assess what’s going on. Subsequently, I now have the flexibility of a child!

Testing out the new jobs and continually rescheduling meetings ultimately means that I now have more spontaneous time to play! You know what this means right? Yep, just ANOTHER mid week adventure, and I’ll lap it up while I still can!

I stared at the waterfall above me and tried to do what they do best. Let it all wash over them.

I stared at the waterfall above me and tried to do what they do best. Let it all wash over them.

My go-to adventure buds are trusty Pat and Charles. Pat works in hospo almost every God damn day and I’ve come to know that he usually gets Wed & Thurs off weekly.

“Pat it’s Wednesday tomorrow, what are we doing?”

Is it fair that I kinda get angry when he’s busy?

As for other one; Charlie, he always just manages to somehow move stuff around and join the crew.

I’ve written about these two boys before. Both of them are legends and have a similar thirst to spend a day in nature or a place we wouldn’t normally find ourselves. In fact scientists have proven that being in nature and letting your eyes soak it all in, helps to calm and re-calibrate your mind and soul. Knowing this and needing our fix we grabbed cameras, beers, snacks and headed off to the Blue Mountains. 

So why the Blue Mountains? Well if you live in Sydney at the moment you’ll know that we have been living as ducks for the past three weeks. Constant rain! 

Though constant rain means…gushing waterfalls! 

Now I know we all like a bite size read so I’ll strip this back and give you the quick low down of where we went in the mighty ‘BM’. Hopefully the next time it pours for what feels like years and you’ve finished that Netflix season and get cabin fever, you can channel your inner child and feel the adrenaline from a pumping waterfall. 

TIP 1: Choose whether you will leave before or after peak hour:

 Us? Well we weren’t in a hurry, we chilled over coffee and Woolies Stop and left the Northern Beaches around 9am.

Drive to Katoomba; 2 hours away. (good music is a must, I’ve got some cheeky playlists on Spotify) Suss out the ‘Three Sisters” AGAIN. I promise you they seem to get cooler now when you see them as an adult! 

The walk down to Katoomba Falls- a short and easy walk even for the hungover. Katoomba Falls itself is not super overpoweringly loud, however it’s beauty is in it’s height. Suddenly you feel small as it showers you whilst you take in the vast and world renowned view.

TIP: If you jump the fence, make sure your shoes have grip! We almost lost Charlie a few rimes. 

Just around the corner Is Cascade Falls. It is a smaller waterfall but gives you the opportunity to get more involved. Get out your tripod (or backpack like us) put that long exposure on the camera and next minute you’re standing in silk!

FOOD: If you’re a chocolate or lolly fiend, go check out Leura Lolly Shop for all your old school needs and favourites! (They even have PEZ there ,remember those!?)

Lastly we headed to Lincoln Rock or Flat Rock. It’s a flat, semi-white flat rock/ shelf that again offers you majestic views! We even got to experience a French back-packer who was firing arrows with his bow off the cliff (not included). If you’re onto it, you’ll notice a little path that weaves around letting you under the plateau and into a cave. 

TIP: The path is to the left if you’re looking out. 

By this time, school zones are starting and peak hour is slowly creeping up on you. 

If it is not raining I really recommend stopping in at Penrith’s drive in cinema and relaxing before driving home. It is a really cool and unique experience! Though if you’re over it make sure you’re outta there no later than 2:30pm. 

There a million things to see and do up there, we only just scratched the surface. Keep these places in the Bank for next time when Sydney turns soggy. Rain tends to scare people off, you’ll have it all to yourselves!

Just make sure you pack those gumboots or other boots you’re happy to get dirty!


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