To the boys who gave me the best trip...// Appreciation Post

This year I squished into a campervan with two/three boys I hardly knew to road trip NSW for two weeks!

I had to share a bed every night, I didn’t have my own space, didn’t have any girls to talk to, had no idea what to expect and there was no getting out even I wanted to. Was this going to be fun? Or would I want to kill them half way through the trip or was I going to be taken by the boy stench first? 

There they were.. parked in my driveway in a massive campervan waiting for me to hop in. It was just a work trip, I was the writer accompanied by a photographer (Pat) videographer (Charlie) and of course our token wanderer…Torben. I was clearly outnumbered with sausage… how was lil old Faz going to last?  

I grabbed my stuff (of course I had ten times more than they did) threw it in and off we went up the highway. 

Sometimes you just have to and remind yourself that it really is just ‘work’, that your not there to make new mates…just get the job done and do it well. And let me tell you, it couldn’t have been any more opposite. I left with more than just an invoice… and a ‘job well done’ instead these boys I hardly knew became life long friends who I would do anything for.

To begin with I sat in the back of the camper with Charlie. Charlie is the guy with the weird accent and never seems to know where he is, he’s also conveniently the videographer so doesn’t really need to know. At some point we both noticed we had all forgotten a deck of cards (incriminating I know) and quickly resorted to playing TINDER OLYMPICS- a game whereby you compete with each other on how many matches you get. 

From that moment I just knew this road trip would be….well I guess just not shit?? 

Charlie, Pat and Torben are all such different human beings from one another. Somewhere in between drinking red wine from the bottle, sharing corn chips for breakfast, crashing drones, learning how to park the stupid bus, hitting a kangaroo and looking for my film camera- I got to know each of them very well. All legends in their own right. 

Torben is a friend of Pat’s he decided to come along for the ride to from Syd to Byron Bay. He is a nomad wanderer who like me, doesn’t really know what he wants to do with himself just yet. We would always find Torben cruising around in the distance happily doing his own thing, meditating in the corner or even dumpster diving. I loved having him on the trip, he probably spoke the most shit with me and would talk with me and my ‘greeny’ spirit about the world. Torben sadly departed us in Byron Bay. We missed him, but were thankful he didn’t come to Nimbin otherwise we may have lost him forever. Sayonara Torben, thanks for the G times.  

Charlie was the ‘hero’ of the trip. He was the guy who leapt through weeds for us so that we could find a rope swing, the one who backflipped a massive rock for good footage and handed a beer to the lollypop man. Above all Charlie is a passionate and an up and coming videographer . God damn he is speedy at editing its insane! On the trip I would over promise many businesses with a short video.. and within a few hours the video would already be out. What the?? Honestly if you need a videographer and you need it fast, this guy is your man.

Charlie is an incredibly relaxed dude and a great listener, he is often found saying “thanks my dude”or extending his Tinder radius to as far as 160km (with no success). His go to reply to anything is typically “yeah it’s pretty good”.


Me: “yeah how bloody epic was going hot air ballooning in the Hunter Valley this morn for free”

Charlie: “yeah.. pretty good”


God dammit Charles just froth out a bit more would you!? 

Charlie and I shared a bed, every god damn night. Some nights I would be lucky enough that he would make up some bullshit story about a ghost as my bed time story. Each night, the plot got weirder and weirder. We also found a random cat in the middle of the outback whom he named ‘Bestie’. Charlie brought ‘Bestie’ in for the night and he slept with her under his blanket claiming it to be his cat.

I could go on and on about the amount of stuff Charlie did for me. Every single day, he helped me locate my possessions, shared all his food with me, threw orange dust over my face to make a photo look cool, he was also the only one who sang really bad songs very loudly. My all time favourite thing would be to ask Charlie where we were or where we were going…very few times did he ever know…glad your camera has a GPS right?

Then there was Pat or ‘Patricia’ if you will. Pat is the one who brought us all together and made it happen. Thx mayte. 

He is one of the nicest people I have ever met, has quick witty humour and is incredible easy going- a weapon combo for being the unbelievable self-taught photographer he is (seriously check out his work). Never once would Pat complain about anything, I mean he hiked Mt Warning at sunrise in the freezing cold with one goddam shoe! And not once did I hear about it, he just seemed nonchalant about it all.

Pat will always put his needs aside so that he can help anyone else. I tested this theory by crashing his drone into the side of the camper. Nope.. not one bit of anger towards me, I mean the thing was basically broken1

Unlike Charlie, Pat and I love coffee.. in fact every morning Pat would say “this is the best coffee I’ve had” like… c’mon dude no it’s not. He would also celebrate the fact that we had an incandescent blue light on the side of our camper that added profound Feng shui. In fact one night we even used the power cord to skip near it in to our (my) fave tune ‘Daddy Cool’.

I’m almost certain Pat would’ve done the most driving- like I said he’s selfless. Other times he would blow up a condom using the wind out the window, do a workout with me holding the a case of water, or be found getting thrown off the lounge at the back as I slammed on the breaks.

 Lastly Pat’s nature had such a profound impact on me. He made sure to oust my negativity as much as he possibly could. He would notice when I was a bit off, and know exactly how to swing me around. Finally, Pat has now become the only photographer I feel comfortable shooting in front of. Not that I’m a model but he always made me feel super comfortable outfit changing, wearing anything or doing anything out of the ordinary- like posing out the front of an outback pub in my undies… That’s an opportunity I never thought I would get, so for that I am forever grateful.

I’m the first to admit that I am a little crazy. My moods can often be filled with high energy and often hard to keep up with, but these guys understood me.

They always put me first and lapped up all my negative flaws and weirdness not once did they stop me from being myself. 
These boys are not only very talented at their passions but they are the definition of what It means be a team. Nothing was too much stress for them, they didn’t sweat the small stuff. They built each other up and always viewed and read each other’s work while giving constructive criticism. I learnt loads from them as they each took the time to share their skills with me. 

This trip I laughed time and time again, and now hold some of the greatest memories in places I never thought I would go. 

Who would’ve thought I would feel sad leaving the camper van for the very last time?

To Pat, Charlie and Torben thank you for one of the best trips i’ve ever experienced, it really did not ever feel like work. Now let’s start our own business! 


 ·     Pat at the random Thai place in woop woop when we needed to plug in all three laptops.. 

“we don’t need this fucken fountain” - unplugs it.

·      “ Is it a person or a dog?”

·     The crap Chinese we had at that random place with the Chinese man that came out and yelled at everyone. 

·     Jess.. the dumb bitch in Bellingen

·     “Excuse me hostess, can you fix something else?”

·     Hiding in the campervan when staying overnight 

·     The back bed sinking.. caving in

·     Would you rather…..

·     Charlie actually liking red wine. 

·     Smoko light

·     “Torben!”

·     Back O Burke guy hitting on faz 

·     Tradies get photos in Tilpa 

·     Missing the boat tour.. whoops

·     Faz’s characters walking to the Broken Hill sculptures ‘Niles’ the tour guide and ‘Jen’ the water colour painter

Here’s a crappy little vid I threw together… xxx

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