Every man and his dog!

Nah sorry to bring you here, there’s no man or a dog…today it’s all about the


This is not die-hard feminist piece that tells you that pubic hair is back in and that you should wear your skirt to your ankles. I say, who cares, FREE THE NIP! If not that's fine too. 

This is just an appreciation post to some like-minded ladies who make me feel like I’m actually Debbie from puberty blues (suggest you watch it). 

The day went something like this….

I turned 24, da gurlz sent the sunrise birdcall at 6:05am. We all gathered at Sydney’s Nth Steyne Beach, half asleep with bed hair in full force. Suiting up (well i didn't) we ramped ourselves up to set foot in the nipple biting Autumn Ocean. 

The morning was nothing short of dreamy, I couldn't really believe my sleepy eyes! The sunrise was super sexy with pinks and oranges painting the horizon and the waves perfect for a bunch of kooky sheila's

We were also lucky enough to have fellow surf frother Mark Morgan and Matt Ower behind the lens. Both really captured just how fun ‘getting a couple’ really was. 

So here’s our version of a feminist rally;

@noshoes_noworries  @biilllliie  @mxmsurfphotography  @mattyower

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so so special! 

Faz xx