Stop posing with your takeaway cups!

Four ladies sat next to me in a café this morning. They were chatting about their Splendour outfits over a coffee with each one of them in takeaway cups. They were however in active wear, though they were not on the move, no...they were dining in!  I sat there and stared...Do I say something? 

Look I’ll admit, I wasn’t always a crusader of keep cups and like anything it did take time for me to change my drinking habits and remember to bring one with me as if it were my wallet. Like discovering sushi and eating seaweed right through to raw fish... it really did take me baby steps. 

It all started with working in a café and seeing first hand how many cups went out each day. I began to feel guilty when I ordered a takeaway with no cup.. now? Well I am a changed women of course... I don't leave the house without one!

Luckily, like the ban of plastic bags…keep cups are currently on trend. There are super stylish ones out there and most cafes will give you a discount for using one. This is huge for me, aesthetics... if you don't get a fugly keep cup and love wont forget it!

There really is no need to show everyone on Instagram your stylish outfit paired with your all class ‘Campos’ takeaway cup in hand.  In fact most of the time while I incessantly scroll the feed, I’m like hey that’s a nice pic...0h wait, she’s holding a smoothie in a plastic takeaway cup with a lid AND straw. WHY!? If you do get a takeaway cup why would you want to flaunt it?

For those of you that are last to get to the party….


“ I have one, I just forgot it”

“ It’s in the car but it’s dirty”

 “ I want my coffee to stay warm”

“ I don’t like how it feels drinking out of them”

“ Me using a keep cup isn’t going to do anything for the environment so who really cares”

Any of these sounds familiar?

If you find yourself being like ‘LOL that’s so me’ then I stand before you and ask you to PLEASE reconsider. Set some new goals to switching your mind into that takeaway cups aren’t cool. Im not going to bore you with landfill and plastic statistics… though just slightly begin to then think about the amount of coffee, tea, chai, smoothies, etc you have a year  (I know I chug loads) and just how much is thrown out after your use.

I work at Channel 7 for the Sunrise program and have convinced the hosts I get coffee for to make the switch to a keep cup. If they can do it so can you!

Even if you’re not yet ready mentally to drop money on a keep cup yet, how about you ask for a takeaway cup with no lid? Start small. What I am asking of you is please just please just don’t ignorantly flaunt your takeaway cup on social media. Not on the story, not on the balcony looking over the ocean, not with your mate ‘kicking off the day’ just not at all!

Who died and made me the fun police right? Well I’m sorry to say kids these single use plastic days are over…. even though the takeaway designs are getting cooler graphics keep making it harder and harder (please stop).

I have a few I designed from the brand Frank Green, I also got a beautiful hand made one from café Aggy’s Corner in Balgowlah. No... this is not promotional or paid. Just join the club and start posing with your keep cup!

Please share if you feel that someone you know needs to hear this!

Images by Pat Suraseang & Matt Ower, film by Charlie Brookes-Allen

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