It's time to GET REAL with yourself

Wanna know something about me? 

This is the first time I have sat down and written about how I view myself. A strange concept nonetheless. So here goes...

I Georgia Farrell, am an overly empathetic person who carries the large burden of acute pessimism and self-sabotage. I seem to put a negative spin on most things, something I want to so desperately change in my personality. Although it’s not what many others see in me, it is a paramount. Here’s one example…

I was that girl who straight up told the entire netball team that we were going to lose a game. Why? 

Well I genuinely thought we were going to lose that’s why. 

My thoughts were, wouldn’t it be better to play harder and stronger under the notion that we were going to lose and be happily surprised? Or was it healthier to pump each other up and, motivate one another to win and just cut our losses if we didn’t ? 

Circumstantial… I know. Maybe I fear the feeling of disappointment? I don’t know. 

Everyone always says, ‘you are your biggest critic’ and quite frankly… can confirm. 

I critique myself for pretty much anything, there’s always someone ‘better’ out there. Someone who could’ve written this better, who’s fitter, takes better photos... and the list goes on. In my eyes I’ll never be able to reach my standards... I’m just never enough. 

To say the least, I have let my inner critic run my life. I’ve let it stop me from implementing good solid routines, steal my peace of mind, and inhibit my ability to see self-worth. Maybe that’s the reason I have on rotation 7 casual jobs and 12 group certificates to process for tax? 

You probably  feel exhausted from reading this….and I can tell you I feel the same. Though  I’m hoping this is all about to change thanks to my first workshop with the girls at We Are Real Talk.

It wasn’t a psychologist, a self-help book… it was two girls who I might have to thank for the change I want to make permanent for my life. 

If you need a boost in mindset and wellbeing, I suggest you read on and then get yourself into the next session ASAP rocky. 


For me, just walking through the door was ground-breaking…I had made the first step. After making any excuse to attend, I eventually hit one of my lowest days and at that point, it became apparent that I just needed to be there.Why is it that my wellbeing always comes last? 

I can’t tell you exactly what the girls do in the workshop. but somewhere in between sipping on my ginger kombuncha, I remember how I felt. Empowered and not alone.

Firstly, Katie & Sammy…. two very different personalities that come together like peanut butter and jam. They work perfectly. In fact, you will find yourself connecting with each of them on different levels whether its practicality or soul. 

 Let’s talk about Katie. 


Katie is up front and forward, something I’ll always love about her. She asks you to take a hard look at your life and asses where all your time and energy is flowing to. Once you identify this, Katie then works on changing and implementing habits that will hopefully cement somewhere in your mind making changes that will last forever.

Katies vibe is casual but powerful... she doesn’t stand before you as some all-knowing health guru with all the answers, in fact she even rips on herself. She is energetic and pragmatic, but most of all she is relatable. Legit like an energiser twitch much?

Somewhere in between the Kardashian jokes, she really does make you feel like you’re not the only one scrolling Instagram as soon as you wake up. 

Katie helps you to notice areas of your life that you shouldn’t cancel on. 

"you wouldn't cancel on a client, so don't cancel on your workout" - personal fave. 

These ‘things’ subsequently become good habits that do not rely on fleeting motivation to happen every damn day. Things like; 

-      Making your bed 

-      Drinking water 

…And many more that I could make it make it 'rain girl'...make it. 

Katie really did shift something within me. She got straight to the point and made me feel like I could walk out full boss mode. She is boldly sarcastic, funny as shit and somehow gets under your skin the best part? She encourages you to drink wine! (p.s I love wine) 

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.47.03 pm.png

Then we have the beautiful Sammy. She is the Ying to the Yang in the workshop. Sammy wants you to get to know yourself, your thoughts feelings..she even had me in tears. Something I think that really needed to happen. Sammy brings the overall umbrella of wellbeing and mindset into the equation without chanting an 'OHHMM’ in an awkward downward dog. 

Every person in the room could just feel Sammy's depth of knowledge she has for line of work. She is just so unbelievably passionate about health and helping others that you almost feel as if she's grabbed your hand to walk you through this life thing. She asked me to confront myself, really question my thoughts. This undeniably helped me to find perspective and gratitude in areas of my life that I hadn’t otherwise addressed before. 

And so I sat, felt everything wash over me and stared down the barrel at my feelings and emotions.Like I said… she had me in tears. 

Overall this workshop is finally something in our lives that is REAL. NO bullshit. Just a bunch of dixie chicks trying to pull themselves onto the path they so desperately want to be on avoiding a low-key breakdown. 

I’m not here to preach to you about how you should attend these workshops. I didn’t get paid,  nor a free ticket... I just truly believe these chicks deserve everything that comes their way. But really… just go. Thank me later. xx 

Photography by Natalie Koval & video by Charlie Brookes-Allen

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