Broken Wing // Big Woop Right?

So here I am sitting back at the desk.. only this time with a bust limb. 

You have no idea how hard it is just to type just the letter ‘a’ with my left hand right now…the struggle is REAL.

Yep, I told everyone to go play outside and here I am-inside only with a new bit of hardware in the arm. I guess at some point you just have to pay your dues for having too much fun right?

Instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself thinking about the $1000 commercial job I am meant to be at today, I’ve decided to write about it for shits and gigs. Whether interesting or not, here’s how it (or me for that matter) went down. 


The snow just kept coming, it really did seem like the best it had been in years. All I could see on the feed was friends slashing turns in what looked like Japan snow…only it was just 6 hours away. After scrolling for a while I decided to take action & message my friend James who lives in Jindabyne. James is a skiing veteran (only really 24) and although he can talk for days, he's pretty straight up and will tell you how it is. 

Faz: good is it really?

 James:   Today was the heaviest snowfall I’ve ever seen in Aus… weather looks rank now but tomorrow onwards looks incredible.

Faz:    Fark, I’ve basically got the whole week off..

James:    I think you know what to do with all that spare time.

Could you blame me? I grabbed my mate Charlie and off we went squished into the Subaru forcing him to listen to my podcasts majority of the way. (seriously get into it). 

 Wednesday the 22nd AUG. 

Wrapped up blankets at James' in his loft, our alarm rings. Before we could say ‘where’s my other glove’ we were in the car ready to conquer first lifts. Climbing out of the car, I spotted my helmet on the floor ‘ Hmm should I wear my helmet..? I asked the crew’, "I would, it’s a smart idea” James said. “Wear it because I’m wearing mine” Charlie added... and thank god I did. I grabbed the lid, dressed up, showed up and we out thurr!

What an epic morning we had!! Hikes, pow turns, rock drops, lunch with a view and a snapped radius.

Yeh…Last part not so good. 

But what were you doing when you broke it? Just like when you see a car crash, it's just the question everyone wants to know. 

Being the absolute hero I am, I wanted to test the ol skills in the park that’s home to a couple of jumps and rails- easy stuff....

Rolling into the park, I stopped next to some guys I thought were line for the jump. Having not done jumps in a while I asked them what it (the jump) was like. The speed, how big it was etc. One of guys replied;

“I went straight from here, pumped the roller and hit the flat” one said

“ wow” I thought.. “it must be a pretty slow jump” – IDIOT

Well he wasn’t meaning the flat before the knuckle… he meant the flat after the entire jump. For those of who you who aren’t park rats here’s a pic…


There I was coming in hot to the jump. 'Speed is your friend, Faz' - I repeated to myself. Flying through the air I attempted to do a poor attempt at a method grab then quickly started ‘winding down the window’s with my arms. Just take a moment to consider how that I would look. 


In fact this time, speed was not my friend.. I flew past said ‘sweet spot’ and landed on the flat, almost at the run in for the next jump.

“FUCK” I yelled in the air, fully aware of my impending impact with the ground. I had to break something… 

My left shoulder was going to drive right down into the ground. Naturally, the left hand went out and without being too graphic, I heard it snap. Then went onto hitting my head, cracking my helmet and flipped onto my stomach. I was left face down. 

After a moment of shock, I kinda remembering semi crying for help. There was no moving me. Soon after I had two gorgeous girls run over to me, unclip my board.

Ski Patrol came where ‘Brad’ attended to me. “what day is it Georgia?” not sure If I was concussed or if I never really knew what day it was in first place, but I took 10 seconds to answer correctly. I remembered I was going to drink and party that night, 'Wednesday' I said.  


Fast forward to being high on pain killers in the medical centre. I took my shirt off and saw how deformed my arm actually looked. I was going to be out for a while. 

My mind wandered in and out and flash-backed to the moment of the fall. I pictured what my life will look like for the next 6-8 weeks. Basically a whole load of no pay and wasted time on Netflix. I felt devastated. 

I lost my first commercial..

I will have no income.

I was just starting a gym bootcamp .

How was I going party at a festival the next week? 

How could I take my own bra off?

How have I broken this arm for the 4th time? 

And why the hell does no one have it on film? 

I know I know, people experience way worse and it really was just a broken arm. But for some reason I just cried and cried even more frustrated by not being able to tie my own god damn hair. Or maybe because they didn't give me the green whistle? 

Luckily I had the love from four lovely boys who visited me straight away one by one in the med centre. For those of you who haven't been in a medical centre at the snow.. it's pretty horrid.

For some unknown reason, this fall took a massive blow to me. I was just so unhappy. My dad was in hospital and the grandparents unwell all at the same time. 

So to those of you that reached out and checked in, rang me, calmed me down, sent me docos to watch, or shared love & positive energy.. THANK YOU.  

It was beyond needed at that period of time. I believe it will heal the bone quicker and it really did help to pull me out of the darkness. 


Eventually I got into surgery, had a mad time with my roommate SUE and ordered Uber Eats to the hospital at midnight. 

Now I am on the mend after my 6th surgery. I am the one armed warrior who gets weird looks walking around Woollies in Sydney, like mate what the hell did you do? 

Just getting this article out is a small achievement. I may be one armed, but I’m almost more determined than ever to get back to it. Some down time and self love never hurt anyone? Here's a little vid by my dude Charlie-Brookes Allen 

Couple of names on the special mention. Thank you a million. xx

Maz, Buster, James, Charlie, Sam, Bianca, Omee, Andy, Scotty, Katie Williams, Mikey Pem, Kayla Kate, Sammy F, Lachy, Ash, Jez, Teeg, Tian, Amber, Treena, Kelsey, Pat , Taylor Em Hardman, Billie,Max, Sosso, Tom Hoy,Gem Yorke,  Suz, Lolly, Tristan, Elyse, Bec, Adri, Matty O, San Fran, Becky Shaw, Rochelle, Loz C, Tay Cam, Madi T, Jmaes T, Tay Harding, Lee, Gee Alexander, Hayley, Sarah Abel, Em Tate, Bec F, Ryan F, Hayley, Jill, Davo and Mum.

There are some more. I know a list is bit ridiculous but I just felt I needed to thank some that got me through. 



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