5 Reasons // You Should Always Carry A Skateboard

You got a door you got a gym!? Well..You got a skateboard you got yourself a helluva time!

 This year I have done a bit of moving about -long road trips, short ones, countless surf checks or just heading to a mates place! Whatever it is, I have now decided a skateboard is MUST to have on the packing list. In fact just keep it in the boot of the car.... it lives there now. 

You may be thinking, ‘uh yeh sick, but I can’t actually skate’. Well listen here Mrs Doubfire, I am not the best skater myself. Although I can tick tack around.. by all means I am not the next Ryan Sheckler. 

Over some time spent with a skateboard I’ve found that they have come in handy for more than just getting excited over death wobbles.  Here’s why you should get one, and make it your new pal.

1.    Save you from boredom 

 So you and some mates roll up to a carpark. Maybe you’re at the beach, maybe you’ve just hiked a mountain? Maybe the surf sucks or you’re not quite ready to get into that wetsuit yet. Whatever it is, I’ve found that grabbing the skatey and just going for a cruise around is not only fun & liberating but a great way to warm up! 

Instead of sitting on your phone and scrolling, go for a solo push, get the wind in your face it will for sure make you feel 10x better. 

2.    Entertain the little one! 

Babies- what wonderful minds they have. Brains like sponges soaking up everything they touch and see. 

So when you have got the little one with you and you’ve forgotten the toys, have no fear… the skatey’s here!

Flip the deck and start spinning the wheels with your hand as fast as you can. The sound, movement and this crazy toy they’ve never seen before will surely keep them occupied for at least 15 mins!

You can also, chuck them between your legs while sitting on the skateboard- suddenly it’s a concrete toboggan! (get a pic for cuteness overload!)

3.    Tracking device

No, I’m not talking about tagging your ex with a tracking device and stalking them. I’m talking about cameras here. 

If you are a camera enthusiast/ film maker you’ll get my drift. I guess it’s just the cheapo version of a gimbal that shoots something with smooth motion, instead of our shaky hands!

Sure it may not be as steady as a gimbal, but just try securing the camera to the skateboard (nothing duct tape won’t fix?) and roll it along the ground, the roof of your car, whatever you like, get creative with it!

4.    You can now lift heavy stuff!

So you need to move that cabinet in your house, how do you think you will do this?  

You don’t exactly have a forklift, nor are you strong enough to lift it yourself. Cue- massive boyfriend right? WRONG.. Cue - skateboard. Whatever it is you need to get from A to B, slide the skateboard under it for leverage and hey presto, you can now call yourself a removalist. 

Credits to Matt for this one.

5.    Look like a mad dog and get the shot!

 Last but not least, there are some incredible roads out there. Don’t be that person that says ‘this would be such an epic road to skate down’. You won’t be, because alas you’ll have your skateboard!

Get out & get going. Ride those wheels into the sunset, through green hills, through snow capped banks or even under a tarp (tarp surfing is epic).

Just make sure you are well equipped to get the shot, edit it up nicely…then you can just sit back, relax and watch the feed blow up. 


I have to say despite these pics, make sure you are aware of your capability otherwise consider a helmet. 

My top skateboard brands to do all this with are Z- Flex and Sector 9. 

Images by Pat Suraseang, Matt Ower & Myself.

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