Sydney is drowning me, But where to go?// A VISUAL JOURNAL

Last week two friends namely Patt & Matt and myself agreed that enough’s enough! We needed to fill out adventure quota, our longing thirst to get out.

Some place new, some place quiet and stunning all the same. After checking our schedule we managed to line up and score two mid week days off. Sydney we out!

My usual go to would be some place where I could do an activity (like surf) but as I am one arm handi-capped at the moment, scenic would have to do.

“Jervis Bay?” recommended Pat.

“Done” I replied.

Wednesday morning kicked in, we waited for Sydney’s horriffic peak hour to wrap up over coffee. The next thing we knew, we had thrown mattresses in the boot & set off down the coast.

After some podcasts, tunes and of course snacks we stopped in Kiama at Matt’s beloved; WildPatch -an epic café. We got some trendy coffees & smoothies along with banana bread & an acai bowl. The bowl was stocked with plenty of grapes (not sure about grapes though in açai though?). With satisfied bellies, just another hour would see us at the sandy shore of Jervis bay!  

I’ll keep this article short n sweet & let the images speak for themselves. However the next day we just lapped up everything that Hyams Beach had on offer- including a very I repeat very cold swim. But seriously how could you not get greats pics here!? The white sand beautifully compliments the piercing blue sea and we were lucky enough to be greeted by a fairy floss colourful sky. It really couldn’t have gotten better than that!

After grabbing some epic shots we decided to make our way back and check out the Minnamurra Rainforest- Jamberoo. If you can, seriously go check out the waterfall!

Sunset was approaching and how could we not maximise that light for photos? (thank god we did). Luckily for Pat and I, Matt sources stunning roads for a living. He showed us around some indescribable roads that weaved their way through green hills, past dairy cows and random singular palm trees. LUSSSHHH.

Honestly, the scenery here makes you feel alive. It really is a stunning and peaceful way to end the day.  

So if you are someone that gets that ‘Sydney itch’, this is just one little get away that is within reach of just a couple of hours! Soak it all up, breathe it into your lungs and just explore. You will thank me later. xx

Images by Matt Ower @mattyower & Pat Suraseang @patsuraseang

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