My favourite photoshoot! // Beneath the sea


I was carried through the waves in my parent’s arms

And spent hours in pools until my skin seeped chlorine 

My Saturday’s meant swimming club

And I would lay in the bath listening to the throb of my heart.

I’ve always been a water baby…..


I grew tall

With curly, knotty hair

Then suddenly, 

I could read the ocean 

Like a kid’s book where you try to predict the ending

I felt it breathe with my hands

And would watch it roar in the midst of a storm.


When I was 8..

I began to dance with the waves 

On a plank of wood that is..

It brought me salt sisters of my very own.

These women dance with me

On planks of wood that is..

I am connected to this place

Its salty hugs, 

The ocean is home. 

Sarah Franics & Georgia Farrell, by Mark Morgan

Sarah Franics & Georgia Farrell, by Mark Morgan

For some time I had wanted some photos underwater, something beautiful yet mysterious. Through a stunning friend of mine Andy, I was introduced to a lovely man; Mark Morgan. Little did I know that Mark would fulfill a little dream of mine!

Growing up I had (still have) a beautiful friend; Isabella. Her mum Fiona is a very talented artist and her dad; Mike is 50 going on 18…the perfect duo! I loved being at their place, always fun, always interesting! On the floor would lie painted canvasses in decadent colours, but I always had my favourites.

Fiona too adores the ocean and she also has an incredible talent for painting girls underwater in their clothes swaying with the tide. Somehow in the paintings she manages to incorporate specs of light that made the pieces encapsulating. They were magnificent artworks. I really just had to have my own!

Cue-Mark. I contacted Mark to make this happen, a visual representation of my own.

Mark is an incredible man and photographer. He loves shooting all things water and geez does he capture it beautifully! I feel like the man himself whispers to the sea. And even better, he makes you feel super comfortable and brings you along for his ride. 

I wanted white dresses. Elegant white dresses, that would sway beautifully in the sea. Two girls, two white dresses and the universe lined up the rest. We walked into Salvos and there they were…two identical white dresses in the material I’d imagined.

On the day we slid into the crisp autumn ocean at Shelley beach. Mark directed us just how to be stunningly graceful in the water (it is actually harder than you think). He knew angles, shots, style and poses- he really just made it all too easy!

I could write forever about this experience, but the photos just say it all. I will now have my very own framed on the wall so I care stare at myself and one of my best friends underwater.

Thank you Mark for creating and capturing all this, my vision brought to life! Thanks for making us feel comfortable, and making this whole experience out of this world!

Lastly, thankyou for fulfilling this childhood dream!

If you would like to view his work head to

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