A gym that MEANS something

Here we go right, some chick carrying on about how good she feels and looks in her new body after training and eating clean and quitting drinking? Well…not quite. In fact not at all.

I have literally have just walked through the door at home from a Monday session at and I’m absolutely ruined. I’m half crying for no reason and half crying from a place of pure gratitude.

 So here are some of my words that I need to share with you and (free) bargain!

Mine that I feel someone just needs to say about this place, this ‘gym’.

At the end of last year I had finally put myself into a good headspace. I was running, surfing, reading books and writing my thoughts before bed and determined to stay on top. But good things don’t last forever do they?

In mid flight I fell, and quite literally.

I snapped my arm badly requiring surgery and a long-time off work. It was a huge roadblock in my ‘feel good’ regime, and so I rested;

No exercise ,

No work,

No surfing

No writing

But it didn’t stop there it would seem the bad news would continue. My god mother passed away, I lost a high paying role in a commercial and the big blow…lost my relationship taking with him, my running buddy.

Suddenly I was back treading water and my mind wandered back into darker places. It’s not a nice place.

You’ll always hear people in your ear chanting “get out into the fresh air!.. Just be happy! & go and exercise it will bring endorphins”. My question is…well if you’re down how the hell do you make the first step into doing that? That’s the last thing you want to do.  A catch 22 that get’s me every time. With the will power I had left I founded my own charity event – Tarp-O-Rama.

So what does this have to do with the gym right?

Well in the process of trying to keep myself above water whilst simultaneously running an event I reached out to Connor at Code 5 and little did I know what kind of person was running a local gym,

 Me- “I’m looking for raffle prizes for those who donate to mental health….”

Connor – “yes 100%”


There was no batting an eye lid, there was no asking what was in it for him, he just was. And STILL is.

Without knowing me or even having met me he donated everything he could, and upped the anti whenever he could. This included 3x3month training passes and 30x1 month training passes, which he might I add were personally dropped into my letter box.

Additionally after speaking with Connor about what was going down in my life, it was became apparent that I really couldn’t preach good mental health if I did not believe that of my own. So of course without even having to ask, Connor let me train. He got me through that door.

 Just getting through the door is always the hard part. Then the anxiousness follows, ‘I’m not a fit as I used to be, everyone knows the exercises already, everyone are already mates and partnered up’. And boy was I wrong. My name was learnt instantly, smiles and hi-fives were flying at me and suddenly I didn’t feel so alone.

I began to not cancel on my workouts and instead make time for them. I did what I could with my arm and my headspace quickly followed. Over the course of training it  became clear that Connor wasn’t in it to give me a ‘taste’ of the gym  so that I would become a paying member, he just legitimately wanted to help me battle my demons.  Something I am forever in debt to him for.

Tarp-0-Rama went ahead of the 9th of Feb 2019 and I owe much of my success and resilience to my training with the epic trainers at Code 5. Like I said, Connor got me through the door and the trainers kept me there.

I will not go on about the quality of training and my fitness goals etc, because let’s face it, every gym has testimonials and people kicking goals.

But I will say that the level of care from the trainers is outstanding. They are genuine fitness loving people that just want to help nudge your ass into shape. They aren’t ripped body builder guru’s who don’t drink and tell you to cut carbs and protein load.. in fact I have single handily witnessed beers and cider being dropped off after a session. NOW THAT’S BALANCE.

Code 5 are constantly listening to their members, celebrating their members, changing classes, adding classes, giving sponsored product away and the best part? They GIVE BACK and GET INVOLVED with the community.  

“ He loves giving back to the community and helping the Code 5 community with some of the issues our members go through” – Mikaela (CODE 5 TRAINER)

 So what is ‘Code 5’? Well apart from sounding like a police code for something catastrophic, the gym actually has 5 core codes.

‘Community, Accountability, Gratitude, Team Work, Celebrate Success’

I don’t need to break these down but when the code points out community, they really do mean it. The man has donated his time, his trainers, his weekends to giving back to those in the community that might need a little extra help. From Black Dog fundraisers, to charity boot camps and Breast cancer crusades; he does it all.  

I will leave you with some things that I have really taken on board whilst joining this gym.

·      We all want to feel and look good, we just lack the discipline.

·      5,4,3,2,1… you’re out your door and in their door!

·      We all sometimes forget that your health really is your wealth and that includes your mental state. INVEST in it, and if not remind yourself of the charity work that your money is also contributing to.

To this day, I’m no fitspo. As a freelancer I find it hard to stay on track without a schedule. But time after time, I get my butt through the door and I not only thank the guys for getting me there but I thank myself.

Thanks Code 5.

If you feel like joining up or trying it out, please message or call me!

M: 0418 227 848