Thredbo Bank Slalom

Thredbo annually hosts a Bank Slalom- 'The tournament of turns' every year. This fabulous day on the sloped is a timed snowboarding event that weaves competitors through snow tunnels, over burns, around gates and over jumps. The thrill of competing in the event is fantastic and the vibe of the whole day is electric. 

If that doesn't sound enticing or you're not really into competing, or you are just simply new to the snow.. it doesn't mean you have to miss out! Thredbo provides music, prizes and good times that roll on throughout the day right before the action; at the start gate. There is a pretty wild display of 80's retro ski fashion that is strutted and worn with pride by both competitors and those that want to join the Thredbo vibe tribe. Everything from fluro one piece suits to bright speed dealer type sunnies, the best thing is to grab some beers or ciders, dress up and get up the hill! 

Here is a short snippet (made for instagram) of what it's all about!


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